Statistics of the 2015 Luxembourg Art Prize

The Artistic Committee received the entries for the 2015 Luxembourg Art Prize on Monday 20 July 2015, and we are delighted with the large number of submissions entered. We were initially expecting about a hundred entries, but in the end 131 submissions were received!

The profiles of the candidates are entirely in line with the spirit of the Prize, which is aimed at all artists, male and female, young and not so young, practising all the disciplines of the visual arts.

There is a good balance between men and women. 30% of the candidates are under 40, and 70% are over 40. The youngest candidate is 16, and the oldest 86.

The most widely-practised disciplines are painting, mixed media, sculpture and photography.

Of the three works submitted in each entry, the candidates on average presented their most expensive work first and the least expensive last 😉

Finally, the Luxembourg Art Prize has been very popular. The Prize’s Facebook page has been liked by nearly 2,500 people, and the website home page has been shared on social media nearly 3,600 times.

The detailed statistics are presented below.

The Artistic Committee will now begin the task of studying the entries in detail.

The twelve nominees who will be exhibited at the gallery in September and October will be announced on the afternoon of 31 July.

Number of entries received



  • Men 45%
  • Women 55%
  • Individual entries 98%
  • Group entries 2%
  • Ages 16-29 11%
  • Ages 30-39 19%
  • Ages 40-49 27%
  • Ages 50-59 27%
  • Ages 60-69 14%
  • Ages 70 and above 2%
  • Drawing 6%
  • Printing 1%
  • Installation 4%
  • Painting 38%
  • Performance 1%
  • Photography 11%
  • Digital art 3%
  • Sculpture 12%
  • Sound 0%
  • Video 1%
  • Mixed media 20%
  • Several of the above techniques 4%

Number of Likes on the Facebook page

Average price of work 1 (in €)

Average price of work 2 (in €)

Average price of work 3 (in €)

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